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Talk To People

Talking is one of the most important skills you require for a successful life

People often ask us for ideas on quick wins or new things to try to get different results.

And here’s one we’re a massive fan of, that often comes as a surprise, yet it hides in plain sight.

Talk to people.

That’s right. Stop worrying about workload, algorithms, funnels, content and start talking to people….

Talk to the people who are your clients, get feedback on what is and isn’t working.

Talk to them during their journey with you – keep them updated on progress, on how long things will take, about what’s going on, about when they can expect the thing they are waiting on you to deliver to them.

Talk to them after they’ve been with you – how were things? What did they think you did well? What wasn’t so great that you might need to tweak? What would they change about the experience? Will they rave about you?

Talk to your team – small and big, structured and unstructured. Use systems, and also just chat. Connect in the lunchroom, and on the shop floor. Lead by example by treating them as the treasured people they are to you by taking the time to know what’s going on in their lives and what matters most. Ask questions to find out what’s pissing them off. Listen when they talk back. Listen when they say things that piss you off – there’s often a lesson to be seen there somewhere.

Talk to people before you create new products or services. Find out why they might need this solution. What’s bugging them? What would make them say yes to this? What features would they be expecting? What benefits would they want to get from it?

Talk to people who are your ideal clients but not working with you or buying from you yet. What might change their mind? Do they know you exist? What do they love about who they are with/ using now?

Talk about small things and big things. Swap ideas, ask questions, find common ground. There’s a ton to be found when you go looking for it.

Talk to people just because they are people. People buy from people. Chat about their day, their kids, their lives (heck, talk about the weather if you are really struggling for ideas), find out about them just for curiosity’s sake, not just for a sale. Who knows what you might have in common! Who knows what you might learn from them!

Talk to people who will never to be clients. Talk to your neighbours, your friends, the other school parents on pick up. Talk to the people who serve you in the supermarket, the person who you parked next to.

Talking to people is easier for us extroverts, this is true. It’s also a skill, like any other, and with some practice, you’ll find, it comes easier. And coming easier in all spheres of life means it will be even easier in business when you can more directly spot the results from the effort.

Talk to people like they matter to you and because you care. Because you want to make a difference. Because connection matters. We’re going to bet you might quite like what comes from connecting with more people. It’s what makes us human.

There’s your magic wand for today folks, and if you ever need to talk to us, as people, about anything, we’re also big fans of listening and would love to hear from you – so please get in touch!

– Until next time, Alana


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