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Practical & Inclusive Business Support for NZ Business Owners

Feeling Overwhelmed, Running on Empty and not sure where to find friends who also run their own business?

Welcome! You’ve found your space, here with us. Your Business Club is an small business community & online support system, with a focus on: 

  • A mix of online and in person meet ups, training and co-working
  • A no judgement zone place to ask anything  business related
  • Connecting with other business owners 
  • All the tools & resources you need to build a flourishing business (at a fraction of the cost you’ll find elsewhere)

Teamwork Transformation​

Discover new ways of working with your team that gets more done with greater ease. Without you needing to supervise every step constantly.

Vibrant Vision

Transform your team from "so-so" to dynamic and high-performing, creating a brilliant working environment where everyone is aligned with your business vision.

Clarity Catalyst​

Gain a new lens to look at your business - one that brings greater clarity, ease, and confidence in knowing you're working on the right things at the right time.

Here’s what you get:

Weekly co-working sessions

Stay focused alongside other business owners. Dedicated work time with built in accountability. Consider this your focus time for the week, and start smashing those business goals. No travel required and whether you join us in your PJs on zoom is entirely up to you!

Weekly email tips and motivation

Practical, bite sized business knowledge and easily implementable changes from the experts, delivered directly to your inbox. Watch your business, focus and profitability transform as you stack those weekly ideas and tips up.  Keep learning. Keep taking action. Stay motivated.

Twice a month live training sessions

Learn from experienced (and entirely relatable) small business experts. Ask questions and get practical advice. Join live or access the replays from within our online portal.

Supportive community across NZ

Connect with other business owners for advice, collaboration and inspiration. You’re not alone! With our “no dickheads” allowed policy, you’ll feel like you’ve landed amongst friends. Learn from other industries, and be inspired by those further along in their journey. Offer help to those following after once you’ve mastered something. Hang with other clever and curious humans – remembering you are NOT alone on this journey. You’ll find this is a great bunch of humans to be surrounded by. 

We’re here for all the “accidentally overwhelmed” business owners

You started your business about something you’re really great at, but before you know it you’re facing all this other stuff you’re not so good at. Things like compliance, tax, reporting, cashflow forecasting, margins pricing – the list goes on.

It’s all this other stuff that makes it seem hard. Doing the do isn’t.

And not feeling connected with others who get what that’s like might be making life even harder. 

Here’s where you come to change that. To learn from those who’ve been there. Those who are there now. 

I'd previously tried other business coaching and mentorships, but this blew my previous experiences away, at a much cheaper cost.


Keegan Meiring

Owner - Good Boy Music

Stop Going Round In Circles

Here’s the support you get in the club as a business owner – without it breaking the bank

Two hours a month of live business training

Relatable and actionable ideas from the experts. With a focus on pricing, profit and planning, hit those top three business quandries out the door with the chance to ask anything live or watch the replay if you can’t make it to a session. 

Run by our experts who are other members, it means you can ask follow up questions to clarify from these awesome legends! 

1-hour virtual live weekly coworking sessions

Experience focused work time for heightened productivity. Use this as your built in focus time to actually get ahead of that workload. Say goodbye to procrastination, time-wasting and Sunday afternoon catch up sessions. Start Monday with the right momentum.

Access to modules, workbooks, and replays

Receive instant access to your Club Resource Library. Then get your hands on a new & useful resource each month. Learn and use them at your own pace and revisit the material as needed. Say no to information overload and confusion.

Community support with Robyn and Alana, and other members in our private community

Connect and get input from both the hive mind and the experts. Never feel alone or uncertain in your business journey.

This means you can come in and come back time and again to keep building skills, clearing your mental clutter and asking questions from the experts (and the community!) whenever you need a business mojo boost. You can join in for as much or as little of the membership services as you like.

Business is anything but linear, so it doesn’t matter when you join up, but for $10 a month and instant access to our well stocked business resource library, we figure today’s a good day – don’t you?

Sign up now for instant access to resources and the community, or drop us a line with any questions

This is a fantastic platform and support system for my startup business! 

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get business mentoring more affordably

Sarah Parry

Creative Director - Testament Interiors

Stuck on “what the hell’s next?”

We hear you! When you’re running your business, you’re often busy doing what you do. It’s easy to miss some of the simple (not easy) business foundations that help make running your business easier, the ones that help prevent any growth wobbles as you grow and scale. 

Financial planning

Stop being scared of looking at your numbers. Understand what you’re looking at with support as we dive into the finance in business: cash flow and financial forecasting. 

Seeing your finances in action & build habits like the CFO you are!

Knowing your weekly, monthly and quarterly numbers helps you stay in control and feel confident.

Get confident with pricing and profit

Building a profitable business happens with intention, not accidentally. We’ll help you step back, look at that big picture, and price right both for where you are now and where you want to grow. All with a laser focus on maintaining a great profit margin.

Turning your plans into actions

Fill your week and month with the right actions. Your mindset, patterns, habits and how you construct your day are key to stopping procrastination. We’ll also help you learn about the importance of resilience and flexibility to bounce back when the sh*t hits the fan (because that’s part of this gig, too!)

Personal development & mindset

This is both the best and hardest part of the work that we do. Anyone can learn a skill. Learning to work and grow you, uncover your habits, patterns and thoughts (and being prepared to face them and change stuff, along with amplifying everything golden within you) is where the magic happens. But this is real world stuff. So it’s incremental, relatable and impactful.

Connection & real talk

Life as a business owner isn’t all long lunches, sunshine and unicorns. We’re here for the real talk, the wins, the pot holes, all of it. And with a “no dick heads” rule – you can trust that the other business owners you’ll meet will become an essential part of your business support toolkit! 

Say “yeah, nah” to one-size-fits-all business advice

It’s easy to fall for the quick fixes.

But in reality, there’s no formula for awesomeness. Because everyone’s awesome is different. 

That’s why we’ve created this one of a kind space for real talk, real support and the right kinds of real world action. 

Because we get what it. 

So. What do you think? Are you ready to shake things up?

If your business is running you into the ground rather than giving you wings. 

Or, the stress and worry are giving you the Sunday 3 pm sense of dread. 

If you’re ready to find your people, to remember why you started this business, and to make some amazing stuff happen, then welcome on in! 

Let’s do this business thing together!

This has been an awesome tool in helping me manage the many hats I have to wear as a business owner.

It's been really valuable meeting like minded people going through the same highs and lows of running a business

Joel S

RSE Accommodation Solutions

How does it all work?

How do the live training sessions work?

The live training sessions are held every month with upcoming sessions for the next 3 months visible in the community portal so you can plan to be there for the people you most want to learn from! The sessions are usually 60 minutes plus allow for 30 minutes of live Q & A and recordings are available the day after online.  

What resources do I get access to?

Your immediate access library is available on any device, and includes templates and tools around business financials, business habits, planning and pricing. This is a collection of the best tools and templates we’ve created for use in our own business, and those we’ve worked with over the years. There is also over a dozen long form training videos to take you through business topics including: pricing, cashflow confidence, knowing your numbers, 90 day planning, customer journey, sales and SO much more! 

How do I know what’s coming up so I can plan my work around the sessions I most need?

We have a calendar of upcoming topics within the member’s area and also send you a weekly “what’s going on” email to make planning your time easier. 

What makes Your Business Club different from other business programs or resources?

Where to start?

Firstly, we’ve created this because we’ve not seen anything else like it. In working with hundreds of business owners, we’ve seen two things are missing:

Affordable support that focuses on doing the basics, better. 

Connection with others who get it.  The feeling of being surrounded by others who understand what you’re going through and the challenges and wins you’re experiencing. Business owners who know what it’s like, well, we know what it’s like, don’t we?

We’ve designed this to be part industry association, part networking, part business school. It’s totally awesome and there’s nothing else like it!

Since price is low, is there a catch? Will you try upselling me to higher tiers constantly?

There’s a limit to what we can offer in the Club, this is true. But if you’re prepared to get stuck in, you’ll find it gives you a huge chunk of what you’re probably needing right now in your business.

We’re both active in the online community answer questions, and join the in person meet ups wherever possible,

This is a space where everyone is cheering for each other’s success!

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