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Built by business owners & designed for your success

Flipping the middle finger to standard networking, and aiming to turn what it means to be a business owner in NZ on its head, Your Business Club is a collective of business owners wanting to do things differently. 

Formed by Robyn Brown and Alana Swain – corporate escapees and entrepreneurs, we’ve worked over the last two decades with thousands of business owners, and in that time we’ve seen a bit. So we decided to break the mold. To create a affordable business support ecosystem, a space that places ideas from multiple brains on your business, giving a giant hell no to “my way or the highway” advice and dated formulas.

Because, at the end of the day, business owners are the only ones who truly get what it is to run a business. To choose to generate money from your resources, bravery and talents, while living life on your (very unique) terms. Which is why when you bring  ALL of you – your experience, grit and stories to the table, and we bring ours, you’ll be amazed at what we’ll create together!

With truthfulness, doggedness and not a small dose of common sense, this is a space for clever, curious and down right amazing business owners. 

This is your space to help you take back control of your business, to find joy in the work you do. To dent the world and have fun doing it! 

It’s easier to run your business where you’re no longer holding all the cards to your chest and trying to do this alone. This is a space where everyone is here with you, supporting you at every step. 

We believe in being part of an Aotearoa where it’s easy to be successful in business, no matter where you’re starting from. 


You can have a business that’s successful, and on your terms

You can be there for your family, your team, and for the world, enjoying the journey. We know, that just because your business is a dick, doesn’t mean you need to become one in order to control it or to get ahead. We’re here to help you realise, that.

That’s what we’re all afraid of — That we need to be slick, salesy or cut throat (yick!). That we’re in the wrong line of business (or we’re the only ones) when we have that creeping sense of dread come Sunday at 3pm. That we have to be a grumpy old bastard to get anything properly.

So here’s our good news:
Your business doesn’t get to tell you what to do. Between the two of us, the majority of our careers was spent in funeral/nursing/clinical management (Robyn) and in the banking industry (Alana).You know, death & money. Two subjects that make you think a lot about what’s important… and how to have the resources to indulge in it. We’re both from big families (think siblings, cousins, laughter). We’ve led teams, that fused together over 30 languages. And, we were both told things like “girls are nurses, not doctors”.

So now we choose to believe:
‍Collaboration greases the wheel. Contrarians do business better. And diversity solves any problem. Plus, doing stuff with others makes it easier & a lot more fun! Aotearoa business owners deserve to be successful and that’s what we’re here to help with. 

So, if, like us:

  • You’ve got a pulse, and you want to enjoy your moments left in life
  • You want to get a handle on (and grow) your money
  • You want to stop letting business dick you around
  • You’d like to do things a bit differently than the norm
  • You’re here to make your mark on the world, enjoying the way success looks on you
  • And you want to be part of our mission to change the success rate of small business here in New Zealand….

Then you’re exactly where you need to be right now & we can’t wait to meet you & have you join our mission to make doing business in NZ easier and more fun for everyone! 

How we do success

For us, making support, connection, as well as business acumen and skills accessible to everyone who needs it is the driving force behind how we have designed Your Business Club.  We’re a nation of small business – now we want to be part of a nation of successful, less stressed small business! 

Our mission to improve business owner skills & acumen means we’ve created NZ’s first unlimited & holistic business support model for only $10 a month.  We believe that by making our expertise accessible to everyone, it means more of us have the chance to get our business to the places we’ve imagined. And you deserve that success! 

Before you join us, you might want to check for that all important values fit – so these are the values we hold true to and we love working with others who believe in these too.

Together, everything gets easier. We get stuck into things, for the long term. We walk alongside each other, and with you.

We keep looking for solutions. Finding new ways, creating novel pathways. Finding the best people to do things with. Bringing open minds and warm hearts.

Staying the course, digging deep to find solutions, not wavering from all that is possible.  Using our smarts, acumen and your expertise to go further, along with each other.

Looking for the silver lining. Staying focussed on all that is good about the world, all that is possible in any situation. Bringing the best of ourselves to everything we do for and with each other.

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