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Alana’s 2023 Reading List

I’m loving my Spotify “Your 2023 Wrapped” reflections, so decided I’d do the same for my reading this year.

I’ve not done the 50 novels (although I will hit my goal of an average of one a week that I was inspired to do from Sarah Curtis) but have done the 18 nonfiction books that have kept my noggin satiated and acted as fuel for new ideas and insights, as well as familiar or much needed reminders.

To me, reading is the greatest portal to wisdom, and I enjoy grazing as well as glutting out – depending on the book style.

This year, most of these have been consumed in e-format via the Libby app (usually under a sick kid or sleeping baby) but there’s a sprinkle of Kindle, Audible and good old fashioned paperback to. I’ve included anything I read to the over half way mark (a few didn’t make it that far, and a couple got chucked out at about the 60 % mark).

What have been your best reads of 2023 that I could add to my 2024 pile?



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